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Msanii Jasmine Boutique

black girl kidpreneuer making mala bead necklaces

Meet the CEO - Msanii Jasmine

My name is Msanii Jasmine and I am the CEO of my own children's boutique. I've loved creating and crafting ever since I was a little. I can exercise my fine motor skills and learning skills as well as cultivate my natural gifts and interests as I learn to work for myself. Entreprenuership is important in my family as I have a mother and father who both are creators. I will continue to add new products as I grow. I plan to share my journey of homeschool, the development in my artistry and about my home life and spirituality! Thank you for supporting!

What is Msanii Jasmine Boutique?

Msanii created her own shop to be able to inspire and empower young girls of color through her lifestyle, spirituality and creativity. She makes all of her creations by hand with minimal help from her Muva! She has a dream to one day craft dresses and more content that promotes image positivity, to celebrate the natural beauty of our melanin-rich skin and multi-textured hair, as well how to embrace spiritual gifts as a child and how to learn knowledge of self at home.

F O L L O W  M Y  J O U R N E Y

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