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Blessing Way Ceremony

More women are turning to traditional cultural practices to celebrate their journey to motherhood. In much of the Western world, where work so often determines that we live far from friends and family, women are creating new traditions to cement new communities – and to celebrate their journey into motherhood.

Modern blessing ways adaptations of the sacred rituals practiced by the Navajo people.

A Blessing Way is a ceremony to celebrate a woman and her pregnancy and to help her prepare for childbirth.  While a Baby Shower focuses on gifting a baby, a Blessing Way focuses on gifting the mother to be.  It is a time when her closest female friends gather to adorn her in love and massage and guidance for preparing for her journey into birth.  In my opinion, it is one of the most special experiences you get to go through as a pregnant woman.

To celebrate and acknowledge her life transition, to honour her as a woman and a creator, and to express her how much she is loved and supported. A blessing way can be held for any woman, whether she is a member of a specific religion, someone who follows her own spiritual path, or someone who claims no faith or spiritual practice at all.

Childbirth is an immense journey and birthing people need emotional support more than ever.  When fear is used as propaganda for birth, it lowers human consciousness and women start to make decisions based on fear and misinformation about birth and their bodies.  

During a ceremony the whole group enters into a sacred space, in which there is Space. It’s hard to define it. The circle becomes a sacred circle and there seems to be no time, and things happen in it that change us & feed us with something that our rational and busy every day life can not offer to us. A ritual speaks the same language into the right hemisphere of the brain. Therefore we are transported to a reality that sometimes, with a busy life, we forget; the one of symbols, intuitions, visions and healing.


What is involved in Blessing way Ceremony?


Ancestor Altar

Honoring all the mothers in our lineages


Fruit Basket

Blessing to mother to be as offering from the ancestral lineage and tribe


Connection Rituals

Connecting through Henna, Cord Ceremony, Cocoon Ritual (holding the mother)



Water and Sage Cleansing. All-white ceremony


This My Tribe

Affirmations, mirror work, discovery of tribe and unity. Sharing of positive birth stories and holding space for mother


Honoring the Muva

Creating labor necklaces from healing crystals/beads, creating salt bath, flower crowns

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