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Mother Blessing Ceremony

More women are embracing traditional cultural practices to celebrate their journey into motherhood. In the Western world, where distance often separates us from family and friends, new traditions are emerging to foster community and honor this transformative period.

Adapted from sacred rituals of the Navajo people, modern Blessing Ways are ceremonies to celebrate pregnancy and prepare for childbirth. Unlike Baby Showers, which focus on gifts for the baby, Blessing Ways center on nurturing and supporting the mother-to-be. It's a cherished moment where her closest female friends gather to shower her with love, massages, and guidance as she prepares for birth—a truly special experience for any pregnant woman.

A Blessing Way honors a woman's life transition, celebrating her as a creator and expressing love and support, regardless of religious affiliation or spiritual beliefs.

Childbirth is a profound journey, and emotional support is crucial. When fear dominates birth narratives, it diminishes women's confidence and undermines their natural abilities.

During a Blessing Way, participants enter a sacred space where time seems to stand still. The ritual engages the right hemisphere of the brain, reconnecting us with symbols, intuitions, and healing that our busy daily lives often overlook. It's a transformative experience that nourishes and enriches us in ways beyond the ordinary.


What is involved in Blessing way Ceremony?


Ancestor Altar

Honoring all the mothers in our lineages


Fruit Basket

Blessing to mother to be as offering from the ancestral lineage and tribe


Connection Rituals

Connecting through Henna, Cord Ceremony, Cocoon Ritual (holding the mother)



Water and Sage Cleansing. All-white ceremony


This My Tribe

Affirmations, mirror work, discovery of tribe and unity. Sharing of positive birth stories and holding space for mother


Honoring the Muva

Creating labor necklaces from healing crystals/beads, creating salt bath, flower crowns

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