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Muva Sealing Ceremony

Closing the Bones Ceremony

This is a half-day ritualized event that is a wonderful way to honor mom's transition from maiden to mother. It can be done for mom's at any point in time after birth, anywhere from one day to forty years. Originated in Morocco as form of postpartum medicine as a ceremony to "close the birthing process," and honoring the mother. As she heals, celebrates the life of her new child, and transitions into her role as mother, there is no greater honor than to recognize this process via ceremony.

The following are just a few aspects of the ceremony that we will do together:
* Closing the Bones Experience 
* Birth Story Witnessing & Tea Ritual
* Fear Releasing
* Ceremonial Bath
* Herbal Womb Steam
* Warming Body Oil Rub Down 
* Sealing Ceremony
* Intention Setting Salt Bowl

This ceremony can serve several purposes for the postpartum mother:

PHYSICAL - Brings her back together by squeezing her joints and hugging all areas that pregnancy and birth has loosened. It stimulates blood flow which cleanses and renews mother by moving fluid throughout body. Will also balance hormones, immune system, tone muscles and tissue.

SPIRIT - Brings her back together by holding her energy close. Setting intentions of coming home through invitation of all threads of herself that have been scattered during process to be pulled back together.

EMOTIONS - Brings her back together by giving her space and time to focus on sealing and completing the birth process. This will transition her to allow herself to enter fully into motherhood in an ancestral and natural way.

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