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Lotus birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut after childbirth so that the baby is left attached to the placenta until the cord naturally separates at the umbilicus. This usually occurs within 3–10 days after birth.


why lotus birth?

Lotus Birthing is a nurturing, natural way to welcome a newborn into this world with a peaceful transition.

Lotus birth slows down the processes in the after birth period, drawing focus on the needs of the baby, allowing bondingintimacy and integration to occur. 

The umbilical cord transfers nutrients, stem cells and immunities to the baby from the placenta. The umbilical cord will detach naturally from the baby without cutting or medication needed. This can be done within 3-14 days with assistance of drying the placenta with herbs and sea salt.

Lotus Birth is often seen as a way of prolonging the birth of the baby, extending their transition into our world in order to make it as gentle and gradual as possible. Lotus born babies will sometimes show through their body language that they are aware when their placenta is touched. Parents report that their Lotus babies are more serene than most newborns and notice a definite change in their demeanor when their cords detach.


Some cultures believe that energy passes between the baby and its placenta long after the placenta has ceased to be a
functioning organ. We are learning that a close attachment with our parents as a child is vital if we want to raise adults who honor their natural instincts and who care for others and our planet.

I have personally done a Lotus Birth ceremony with two of my children, with my daughter's cord seperarting on Day 6 and my son's seperating on Day 4.

We have helped mothers across the United States in achieving their Lotus Birth goals.

what to expect

Umbilical Cord

Keep cord dry and exposed to the air. After first day, the cord will shrivel to mimic a twig! This is from the drying process.

When ready, baby will detach and complete the birthing process when ready by kicking or pulling off the cord his/herself.  

When detached, just swab with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean any dried blood that was accumalated. 


The placenta will dry out with the salt and the herb mixture. Keep the placenta wrapped in cotton cloth or using hospital absorbent pads. 

Also keep placenta semi-exposed to air to allow it to dry out and complete ceremony.

After detach, you may choose to bury the placenta to ground your newborn and connect back to the Earth or dispose of it in whatever way that feels most comfortable to your spiritual, religious, or personal beliefs!


premade lotus birth kits

We create custom Ankara design ceremonial birthing kits to help you prepare for your hospital birth or homebirth

Each Lotus Birth Kit contains  information and instruction sheets for hospital and home care as well as custom hand stitched Ankara design placenta bag with drawstring, 3 pack cloths, drying and healing herbs and sea salt. 

Custom Lotus Kit
Custom Lotus Kit
Custom Lotus Kit
Custom Lotus Kit
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