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Introducing the Young Artisans' Handcrafted Soap Collection, brought to you by Msanii, Amani, and Iyami, three talented young creators from Muva Nature Seeds Homeschooling Program. These delightful soaps are lovingly crafted with honey glycerin, essential oils, and vibrant colored mica, ensuring a safe and luxurious experience for all skin types.



  • Artistic Creations: Each soap bar features unique designs and colors, reflecting the creativity and imagination of Msanii, Amani, and Iyami.
  • Natural Ingredients: Made with honey glycerin for moisturizing properties, essential oils for a delightful scent, and colored mica for visual appeal.
  • Safe and Gentle: Formulated to be safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Supporting Young Talent: Your purchase directly supports the entrepreneurial and artistic development of Msanii, Amani, and Iyami as they learn valuable skills through Muva Nature Seeds Homeschooling Program.


About Muva Nature Seeds Homeschooling Program:

Muva Nature Seeds Homeschooling Program provides a holistic educational experience that includes entrepreneurship, artistic expression, and cultural studies. Designed for BIPOC students, it nurtures creativity, self-expression, and practical skills for future success.


Make a Difference:

By choosing the Young Artisans' Handcrafted Soap Collection, you support young talent and educational enrichment. Join us in celebrating creativity and empowering the next generation of artisans.


Celebrate creativity with Muva Nature Seeds.

Young Artisans' Handcrafted Soap Collection

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