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Cesarean Support

This  60-90 minute session  is for ideal mothers who experienced a cesarean surgery for birth after 6 weeks postpartum. I teach mother techniques to implement on recovery and healing path.


- Warm castor oil packs - I teach mother techniques to help with scar tissue remediation, and scar care. Castor oil pack use will aid lymphatic system movement and to remove toxins from body.

- Warm oil hand/leg massage to bring level of warmth and comfort to nervous system

- Breathwork for Mind and Body Health

- Birth Story Processing to reflect on birth story.

- Scar Tissue Self Massage - I teach mother basic techniques for self-scar massage and resources

- Provide list for local resources for further abdominal and scar tissue work.

- Supplies packs are available separately for purchase

$100 Session or 6 Weekly Sessions for $550 ($50 Savings)

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