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Mala beads make a wonderful tactile tool to teach children about meditation and mindfulness. They do not have 108 beads but they do have the same kinesthetic properties traditional Mala beads have – they are like Mala training wheels! How to use: Pass them out and have children try out a mantra practice. We like to use the mantra, “Peace begins with me.” You could also just have your kids do one full breath per bead. You can also make up your own mantra specific to your child’a age and goals. Mala beads, when not being used in meditation can be worn around the neck or wrapped around the wrist as jewelry. The idea is that every time you use your beads for meditation, they fill with the positive energy and when you wear them, you are reminded of your practice and the calm of meditation throughout the day.

Msanii Jasmine Children’s Mala Beads

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