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Postpartum Support


Muva's Helper Sessions

Overwhelmed with new baby? Muva’s helper can help with childcare, laundry, cooking, cleaning or other household chores and provide postpartum support for new mothers or mothers in general seeking support for their families.

MUVA's Helper program is set up for mothers who need an extra hand for a few hours to allow them to rest and recover with physical and social support. 

In these visits, I help new mother in adjusting to motherhood by navigating newborn and breastfeeding basics, and process birth. We figure out together what mother's daily priorities and needs are and build a postpartum plan out to assess her upcoming postpartum period. I care for the new mother so she can rest and replenish her energy by Muva helping tasks such as: cooking nourishing postpartum friendly meals (ingredients to be provided by family), light housework - e.g. sweeping, family laundry, keeping the kitchen clean, etc... And we can be flexible about assisting w/other simple tasks as needed. I will also provide warming and relaxing postpartum therapies to include womb steams, foot soaks, warm oil hand/leg massages, and more

Muva’s Helper pricing for visits of shifts of 3-4 hours, at $40/hr for birth clients and $50/hr for postpartum-only clients.

Postpartum Recovery Session

Ideal for new mothers who have given birth, whether it be a few days or many months postpartum. Amazing gift for a new mother.

This 60-90 minute session begins with womb steam or foot soak to bring warmth into the body and connect mother with the element of water.

Following, more warmth is introduced to mother by warm castor oil pack or moxa treatment on lower abdomen/womb area.

Warm oil hand/leg massage given while mother rests.

Birth story processing for anyone who desires it.

Tips are shared on postpartum and well-women care.

Warm herbal tea and snack is served post-treatment

Session is $100





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