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reiki during pregnancy

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Healing Services

I focus on Afircan centered holistic health through spirituality by connecting to higher self, offering intuitive readings, spiritual guidance, Reiki, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, sound therapy, dream interpretation, astrology and natal chart interpretations, amongst many other healing modalities for self and family.

black homeschool girl Msanii kindergarten



African-centered Vegan homeschooling based on highly comprehensive teachings on Culture, History, Health, Science, Math, Reading Comprehension and Art. We pride ourselves on our exceptional students, and guarantee your children will love learning with our teachers. We are in charge of our children's minds when they are young.

Super Healthy Food

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Health Products

Health and healing our mind, body, and soul is essential to sustaining life and wellness. We will educate you on natural self-healing  through education and implication of naturopathy, vegan lifestyle assistance, fertility and womb health, and Doula services (pregnancy, birth, postpartum).



"It is all interconnected"

At Muva Nature Healing, we provide an array of services and products that teach knowledge of self through wellness mindset of "all in one." Focusing on all aspects of life, especially prenatal, birth and postpartum health through ancestral birth and indigenous practices. We also provide other services such as workshops teaching in areas of holistic health, organic gardening, and more. We lead an Afrikan-Centered homeschooling from K-8th grade. We use spirituality as a platform to construct healing and also provide healing through metaphysics, herbs, crystals, Reiki, sound healing and meditation and offer natural products for body for the whole family.

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