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I’ve been intuitive for as long as I can remember….Since childhood actually. I used to be afraid of it, then I realized it was helping me in my own journey along the way…By coincidence, I decided to study tarot cards. I never considered it professionally but then after reading for friends and family, I realized I may be coming onto something…After seeing the manifestations of my readings in their lives, I noticed that I truly have a gift that can help others; and now here I am. I love tarot and astrology and look to be of service to you…. as you find meaning in your own journey. By connecting with God within each other and the same God that interconnects all, I can provide in-depth information about a your soul's journey and life path through your love and career.

When I chose to embrace my path as a healer, I decided that my mission was not to simply become an open ear and help with solutions but to also become an understanding heart and to teach you that you ARE the solution. No one likes entrusting themselves to someone that cannot relate to what they are feeling. I aim to provide a real experience while assisting you to take a more proactive approach to getting what you want in life. Know that you have the materials within you already to manifest and bring to fruition your best self. Some just need a little help getting a head start. 

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