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Green Leaves

ABOUT muva nature healing

"It's All Interconnected"

Before our relaunch in 2020, we went through many periods of transformation and freeing established and conditioned mindsets. We became commitment to education and wanting to build a community for others on the foundations of unity, freedom and righteousness. 

We began as "Heru Haki", which is Swahili for "Righteousness through freedom"in 2017 and throughout transitions, growth and education we have evolved into Muva Nature Healing in 2018.


The goal of Muva Nature Healing is to educate people to connect back to natural Earth, to learn how to be self-sufficient through means of educating our children, learning truth of universe, metaphysics, and spirituality. We focus on reestablishing health through proper nutrition, studying uses of herbs and crystals for healing, and growing our own food.

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