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Description: Embrace the divine energy of the ocean with our Yemaya Sacred Waistbeads, meticulously handmade and infused with aquamarine crystals. Each strand is custom-crafted and channeled under the nurturing influence of the New or Full moon, ensuring spiritual alignment and potency.


Yemaya's Energy: Named after the revered orisha/goddess of the ocean, Yemaya embodies healing, nurturing, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and protection. She is the maternal figure of the water, known for her fierce guardianship over her children and her role in women’s issues, childbearing, family dynamics, and healing rituals.


Craftsmanship: Every set of Yemaya Sacred Waistbeads is crafted with care, honoring ancient traditions and spiritual practices. The inclusion of aquamarine crystals enhances the beads with their soothing energy and connection to the ocean's depths, symbolizing clarity, serenity, and emotional balance.


Spiritual Connection: Wearing Yemaya Sacred Waistbeads serves as a potent symbol of connection to Yemaya's nurturing presence and the life-giving essence of the ocean. It invites healing, protection, and a deep spiritual resonance into your life, supporting you through transitions and empowering your journey.


Customization: Customize your waistbeads to resonate with your unique spiritual journey. Each piece is a reflection of divine feminine energy and the profound wisdom of Yemaya, offering a tangible reminder of your connection to the sacred.


Experience the Power: Immerse yourself in the divine energies embodied by Yemaya with our Sacred Waistbeads. Let them guide you towards healing, wisdom, and the embrace of Yemaya’s maternal grace.


Note: Due to the personalized nature of each creation, please allow for the unique energies to align and manifest in your bespoke Yemaya Sacred Waistbeads.

Yemaya Sacred Waistbeads with Aquamarine Crystals

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