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Radiate Confidence, Illuminate Your Glow

Elevate your summer skincare routine with our 4oz Soul Glow Body Serum. Crafted with a luxurious blend of nourishing Sunflower and Almond Oils, invigorating Orange Essential Oil, soothing Palmarosa Essential Oil, and a touch of dazzling Mica, this serum is designed to enhance and illuminate your natural melanin.


Key Features:

  • Nourishing Oils: Sunflower and Almond Oils deeply moisturize, leaving your skin soft and supple.
  • Invigorating Essentials: Orange and Palmarosa Essential Oils rejuvenate and refresh your skin, giving it a radiant appearance.
  • Shimmery Mica: Adds a subtle, sun-kissed shimmer that enhances your summer glow.


  • Bronze: Perfect for a warm, golden glow that highlights your natural beauty.
  • Msanii’s Rose: Our new enchanting shade, inspired by youthful creativity. Enjoy a delicate, rosy shimmer and support a cause close to our hearts.


Special Edition:

All proceeds from the sale of Msanii’s Rose go directly to Msanii Jasmine Boutique, a unique collection curated by my young entrepreneur daughter. By choosing this shade, you’re not only getting a radiant glow but also supporting future entrepreneurs.


Why Choose Soul Glow Body Serum?

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Safe for all skin types, our serum is crafted from the finest natural ingredients, ensuring your skin gets the best care.
  • Ethically Made: Feel good about what you’re putting on your skin. Our serum is cruelty-free and made with love.
  • Get Your Glow On: Embrace your inner radiance and let your skin reflect the glow that’s within.


Illuminate your summer with the Soul Glow Body Serum and let every inch of your skin shine with confidence and care. Get your glow on today!

“Soul Glow” Body Serum

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