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This tarot card reading is an in-depth reading regarding fertility and conception timeframe. The reading will include the following: -Conception Month -Gender Prediction -What you are learning through this pregnancy or fertility process -Any Blockages Preventing Pregnancy (clearing available through separate Reiki services) -Signs to look out for -Child(ren) PersonalityYour reading will be back to you through DM messages within 24-48 hours from purchase. Please message me from your social media handle with confirmation of payment.Please note: my working hours are Monday-Friday 10am-7pm. Readings bought outside these hours will be returned the following day! I try to get readings back as quickly as possible, however I do not like to rush through readings in order to get them done. Additional messages about when your reading is due will be answered sparingly, as it does take up time I could be working on other readings. Thank you for your patience.The length of your reading may vary, depending on how much information is channeled to me through spirit and cards.  Notice: Tarot is NEVER to be used instead of medical advice. All tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and specific outcomes can never be guaranteed. All tarot readings from Muva Nature Healing are for individuals 18 years of age and older. There are NO refunds! In some cases I will allow a reading substitute and you can ask different questions! Thank you all for your support! 🌺 #pregnancy #genderprediction #fertility #conception #fertilityjourney #wombclearing #conceptionreading #pregnancytest #pregnancyreading #spiritualpregnancy #holisticpregnancy #wokemama #muvanaturehealing

Same/Next Day Fertility & Conception Complex Tarot Reading

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