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Unakite, Moonstone and Rose Quartz Waistbeads for increased fertility and healthy pregnancy. 

Unakite is a famous fertility stone and has long been used as a fertility aid. It is a wonderful stone for harmonizing and balancing the reproductive system and is often given to women to aid them in a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Wear unakite during childbirth to keep calm and centered in your heart. 

Moonstone is known as the “goddess stone” and the stone of fertility. It is said to stimulate the pineal gland. As a natural hormone regulator, it is a must-have stone for all women. Fertility is achieved through balanced hormones, increasing the odds of conceiving naturally. Moonstone can help with morning sickness and fatigue during pregnancy. It has a soothing energy, easing fear, tension and stress, making it perfect for impending mothers. During labor, it is believed to help aid contractions. After birth, it is known as a supportive stone for healthy lactation. Moonstone helps with the return to balance post-pregnancy. Known to promote harmony in relationships, moonstone can also provide support in your marriage or partnership. 

Rose quartz enhances the mother/baby bond, both during pregnancy and after the birth, as it's an excellent stone to wear to be in the energy of love. A naturally protective stone, rose quartz helps keep mother and baby safe from conception through infancy. Lastly, rose quartz supports healing after labor and birth. 

Healing in different forms. Using color therapy, crystal healing and reiki in my Waistbeads.

Pregnancy and Fertility Waistbeads

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