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Description: Discover the transformative power of color therapy with our Color Therapy Intuitive Waistbeads. Each strand is intuitively chosen to resonate with your unique energy and aura, offering a personalized experience of color healing.


Features: These waistbeads are designed without crystals, focusing solely on the energetic vibrations and psychological impact of colors. The removable clasp adds versatility, allowing you to wear and change your waistbeads with ease.


Benefits: Color therapy is known for its ability to influence mood, emotions, and overall well-being. Each color carries its own significance and healing properties, helping to balance and harmonize your energy centers.


Customization: Your set of Color Therapy Intuitive Waistbeads is uniquely selected based on intuitive guidance, ensuring that the colors resonate with your current needs and intentions. Embrace the power of color as it aligns with your spiritual and emotional journey.


Affordability: Priced at $5, these waistbeads offer an accessible way to incorporate color therapy into your daily life. They make thoughtful gifts and are perfect for personal exploration of color's profound effects on the psyche.


Experience Color Healing: Explore the subtle yet powerful effects of color therapy with our Intuitive Waistbeads. Enhance your spiritual practice, uplift your mood, and bring balance to your energy with every hue.


Note: Each set of Color Therapy Intuitive Waistbeads is unique and may vary in colors chosen, reflecting the intuitive guidance received during creation.

Color Therapy Intuitive Waistbeads

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